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On behalf of Udats Publishing, the pioneer of Easy Access Online Common Sense for Secondary Schools, we welcome you to Online Common Sense.


As an Educational Outfit, we always interview proprietors / proprietresses, principals, teachers, educationist, parents and students about Nigeria Educational System and how to improve the standard of education in Nigeria, most especially, the secondary school students. We found out that students are not always prepared or ready for examinations upon all the books and other educational materials purchases by schools and parents. We found out that, students enjoy studying alone more than when they are in their classrooms. They like to be their own teachers where there is nobody to mock or laugh at them when they make mistakes and ready to take corrections by themselves.

Compare to other countries, Nigeria students are lacking behind in online examinations and this is why majority of them fail their Online JAMB and other Online Examinations. Few of Nigeria private schools are trying but when you look into Nigeria government schools, they are nowhere to be found when we talk of online examinations. Parents and schools are not ready to fill this gap, 99% of Nigeria parents cannot afford examination software for their children and this is why we want to fill this vacuum.

The project is basically on how to improve online examinations approaches in our secondary schools, most especially government secondary schools.


The concept of the easy access online common sense was instinctive because of a lot of problems Nigerians are facing in our Education sector. Many graduates produced by 70% of our higher institutions could not defend their certificates and these problems are generating mostly from secondary school education. If a child could not read and pass his/her WAEC from secondary school and buy his/her way into university through ORIGO or other means, he/she cannot be a good product from any of our university because the foundation was not solid. We have lots of joblessness in our society not because there are no jobs but because many of our graduates cannot compete with demands of the companies. Most of Nigeria student only study to pass the exams and not to understand the subject and apply what they taught in their daily lives.

It is in the light of the above that the concept of easy access online common sense for secondary schools is born to inculcate in them to be self-confidence, always ready for any exams and study to know and understand a subject and not to study and pass the exams alone.


Easy Access Online Common Sense project is a project to teach and test skill and brain of Nigeria secondary school students, to know how intelligent they are and also how prepared they are for their WAEC, SSCE, NECO, GCE and JAMB Examinations.


Interested student will obtain a login details from Udats Publishing to be a registered member.


Online Classroom for Nigeria Secondary School:

Easy Access weekly articles will concentrate more on Secondary School Subjects and give them additional explanation on different topics to prepare them for various examinations.

Readiness for Online Examinations:

99% of Nigeria parents cannot afford online examination software for their children to prepare them for Online Examinations and through this project, Nigeria Student will get use to Online Examination and this will enable them to get more prepared for all examinations.

Improve the Standard of Education in Nigeria:

Easy Access Online Common Sense will automatically improve the standard of Education in Nigeria and increase the number of students that will get ready for their different exams because the articles will not only help them for online examination, it will also apply to their black and white (written) examinations.

Promote Self Confidence in Nigeria Secondary Schools:

Some of brilliant students may fail online examinations if they are not use to the system and this project will promote self confidence in the life of Nigeria secondary school students because they would have used to the system and examination timing and this will help them during their examinations since they will not be new to the examinations and they will be ready to tackle any Online Examinations.

Monitor Student’s Online Search:

It will be very easy for parents and guidance to monitor what their children search if they allow them to use their phones to work on the internet. Whether we believe it or not, these children go online to search for so many things on the website and this may have positive or negative effect on them, but if parents allow their children to use their phones to support their education this also allow them to monitor what their children searches on the websites.

Reduce Fruitless Spending:

It will reduce fruitless spending of online education programme. Nigeria government always pumps money into Nigeria Educational System every year and at the end of everything, nothing good has been recorded because nobody is been responsible for it.


Nigeria government is facing a lot of challenges in monitoring of her projects most especially Educational Projects, after spending a lot of money on many systems it is always problem to execute it the way it was approved with Nigeria government because most project is been handled by people that are after what they will gain and not what they will add to the society. This will not happen on this project; this is not seeking self-monetary income but is ready to give back to the society in Education system.

Promote Nigeria Government:

Nigeria education will have a good turn around among West African Educational System because of this project and this will be praise to all Nigeria, most especially, the Government.

Easy access online common sense is a project that everybody should embrace to promote our educational system and have good and reliable Nigeria leaders in the nearest future. Nigerian children are our future and we hope to contribute our coterie to the development of our great nation.